Fortunately, not every bout of influenza is as serious as the dreadful viral influenza that killed more people in 1918-19 than the First World War itself. Usually it is quite a harmless illness, but since so many people do not really know what to do when infectious diseases strike, the following suggestions may be helpful. The recommendations made for influenza should be followed in cases of other flu-like and infectious diseases too.
First of all, the bowels must be cleaned out by means of a natural plant laxative. As long as the temperature remains above normal the patient should not eat. To quench his thirst and assist elimination, give fruit juices, orange, grapefruit and grape juices being the most suitable. Should the liver be affected, raw carrot juice should be used instead of fruit juice. Under no circumstances should the fever be reduced with chemical medicines. It is a kind of defence measure, assisting the body by burning up and destroying the viral and other toxins responsible for the illness. The elimination of metabolic waste products through the kidneys is absolutely essential, and for this purpose give a kidney tea with Solidago (goldenrod) or Nephrosolid. Moreover, we can assist the fever and induce sweating by the use of compresses. If the patient should still find it difficult to start perspiring, let him drink hot elder flower tea with lemon juice.
When the normal body temperature has stabilised, first serve raw fruit and other raw foods, followed by light meals, keeping to a vegetarian diet, and as soon as good health has been restored, the patient can return to his usual diet, which should, however, be a natural one.
Following these suggestions, an attack of influenza can be quickly overcome and will not mean the usual long prostration. What is more, the patient will not experience the lingering tiredness and other common after effects of flu.



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