As regards fruits, finely grated raw apples mixed with mashed bananas are permissible. Bilberries, or blueberries, can also be served. When the acute stage of the disease has passed, a little grapefruit juice may be given. Bambu Coffee Substitute is beneficial, but only when it is taken in small quantities.
The quantity of food eaten should be kept very low. When the digestion has become somewhat normalised (noticeable in the consistency and colour of the stools) the amount of food can gradually be stepped up. Remember, however, too much food is worse than too little. Should any food item appear to upset the patient's digestion, leave it out of the diet; the choice and combination of foods depends on the individual sensitivity of the patient. Once the stool appears normal again, the remedies can gradually be dispensed with and you may slowly try introducing other foods again. If a relapse occurs, you will have to return once more to the stricter diet. Almond milk has proved to be of great help in cases of relapse.
If these suggestions are faithfully carried out and you take the child's individual sensitivity into account, patience and perseverance will lead to a complete cure. It should be remembered, however, that due to deficient digestion, which is caused by inadequate motility of the intestine, the ingested food will be only partly assimilated and particularly the absorption of minerals will be j insufficient. No wonder, then, that children who suffer from coeliac disease are very prone to fractures of the bones because of their considerable calcium deficiency. However, the susceptibility to i these complications can be reduced with a preparation of biological calcium such as Urticalcin. At the same time, this will help to curb the tendency to spasms which, in coeliac disease, are also attributable to calcium deficiency.



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