Since this disease causes much worry and requires great care, many parents will be relieved to learn how to go about treating it. The treatment required is similar to that used for enteritis and diarrhoea in infants and young children.
The principal remedy is Tormentavena; 2—5 drops are to be given 3-5 times daily, although the exact dose will depend upon the age and sensitivity of the little patient. Start by giving a low dose and gradually increase it until the stool has regained its normal consistency. Warm hip baths or warm abdominal packs prepared with camomile or horsetail infusions, given frequently, will serve as a complementary treatment.
The diet should contain plenty of brown rice gruel, never the polished white kind. Add a little raw carrot juice or Biocarottin, made with concentrated raw carrot juice; just Óã or XA of a tea-spoonful will do. While the illness persists, for children and adults, only gluten-free cereals are indicated, rice being ideal for this purpose. White flour products and white semolina are to be strictly avoided. On the other hand, potatoes boiled in their skins and mashed, skins and all, and mixed with a little raw carrot juice are quite in order. Other vegetables, with the exception of leeks, should not be given until the child is well again.



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