Sometimes it will be necessary to give the child a biological calcium preparation and at the same time encourage the elimination of metabolic toxins through the kidneys. Thydroca, a fresh herb preparation containing Drosera, Thymus, Coccus cacti, Hedera helix, and others, is excellent for whooping cough. The homoeopathic remedies Ipecacuanha 3x and Coccus cacti 3x have also proved to be effective. As soon as the coughing attacks have stopped, the child can gradually stop taking the remedies. In their place Santasapina pine bud syrup can be given, as it is beneficial to continue with some medication for a little while after the cure seems to be complete.
Chest compresses are a must in cases of whooping cough. They can be either simple compresses made with a hay flower infusion or, in more severe cases, onion compresses. A horseradish poultice is stronger in its effect and a mustard poultice even more so. A correctly applied mustard poultice or a mustard bath (made using mustard powder) has saved the life of many a child who had already turned blue from a severe case of bronchiolitis (inflammation and gradual blockage of the tiniest air tubes in the lungs) and who was frantically gasping for air. But care must be taken that the skin is not exposed to the active ingredients of the mustard for too long at a time. An intense reddening of the skin is desirable, but blisters should never be allowed to form. If cases of whooping cough are treated as described above, children can be protected from serious complications.



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