This is another frequent but usually harmless childhood disease. The commonest site of trouble is in the parotid glands, but in the case of boys, the testicles and epididymis may also be affected. Serious complications can ensue when the disease is contracted by an adult male and the essential tissue of the testicles is destroyed, resulting in sterility.
An internal remedy for mumps is Mercurius solubilis 10x; 2-3 drops or one tablet should be taken every 2-3 hours. Aconitum 4x and Belladonna 4x should be taken in alternation every half hour (also 2-3 drops). Compresses with whey concentrate (Molko-san) applied to the calves are very helpful, but only when the feet are kept warm. Hip baths (sitz baths), the temperature of which should be gradually increased from 36 °C to 44 °C (97 °F to 110°F), are also excellent; after the bath the patient should be wrapped in warm blankets. If the child's bowels are not working properly, Arabic plant essence (Arabiaforce) is very good, but in more stubborn cases it may be necessary to give an enema. To ease the pain, apply warm compresses to the affected areas, adding a few drops of arnica or calendula (marigold) extract to the water. Make sure to let the child gargle with a weak solution of Molkosan. Another remedy which has proved itself over and over again is hot St John's wort oil. Saturate a cloth with the hot oil, or better still, mix potter's clay with St. John's wort oil, then apply to the inflamed area and cover with a very hot water bottle. This will soothe and heal. To complete the cure, give one tablet of Silicea 12x (silica) three times a day.



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